क प्रश्न मुझे हमेशा उद्वेलित करता रहता कि हमारा लीवर एवं किडनी जैसे महत्त्व पूर्ण अंग अधिक आवश्यक हैं अथवा शुगर लेवल का मेंटेन रहना ?
अधिकतम शुगर कंट्रोल करने वाली औषधियों का दुष्प्रभाव लीवर और किडनी पर होता है I जिसके कारण अधिकतर देखा गया है कि Serum ceatinin लेवल बढ़ने लगता है और किडनी बीमार होनी प्रारम्भ हो जाती है I
daibetese बीमारी में विकट समस्या उस समय आ जाती है जब शुगर लेवल तो नार्मल होता है लेकिन घाव ठीक नहीं होते , इस स्थिति में शारीर की प्रतिरोधक क्षमता नगण्य हो जाती है और किसी भी प्रकार के एंटी-बोयोतिक असर नहीं करते हैं तो केवल अंग भंग करने के अतिरिक्त कोई चारा नहीं रहता I
इस परिस्थिति में savliv drops एंटी –ओक्सिडेंट का प्रमुख श्रोत कारण शारीर की प्रतिरोधक क्षमता को बढ़ाकर घाव ठीक करने में सहयोग करती है I यदि इसके साथ बेल पत्र , तुलसी , काली मिर्च 4 , 2 , 1 भाग के अनुसार पीस कर गोली बनाकर देने से निश्चित ही लाभ मिलता है और अंग भंग की समस्या टाली जा सकती है I

An anecdote of a desperate father.

In 2001, my baby boy was born in Krishna Hospital at Haldwani. The baby’s weight was normal at the time of delivery. After remaining hale and hearty for only 3 days, suddenly the baby developed fever. So I look him to pediatric physician, Dr. Anil Agarwal, who examined him and administered necessary medicine, but continuously administering for as long as 25 days, the fever remain constant without any change.

Depressed and utterly confused with the ailing condition of the new-born, I took him to pediatric specialist Bareilly, then Moradabad, Lucknow and finally PGI Chandigarh, but as ill luck of it, the condition of baby remained unchanged, suffering constantly with fever. As the baby was advancing in age, the baby gradually stopped taking milk and other food supplements causing reduction in shape and size quite lean and thin.

Finding no solution elsewhere and leaving at the fate of the new born, I came to Ramnagar remedial measure and started job as sales man in the company of one Sri Vimal Kumar, whom I narrated the whole episode of baby’s condition.

Benevolent and kind hearted in nature, Sri Vimal Kumar himself contacted the local practicing physicians and consulted about the prevailing condition of the baby. But was all in vain. By then, the baby became two years old, but neither he used to drink milk nor any food supplements, resulting in bony frame.  Only he used to drink plenty of water, which was keeping him alive. His abdomen and bowels was very hard, making him difficulty in defecation and was frequently resorted to inserting enema.

Finally, as a last resort, one day Sri Vimal Kumar, Managing Director of Harshul Ayur Pharma gave me the medicine, as a trial, to be administrated to the baby-boy and accordingly I started dispensing as per his directions.

To my utter surprise, the drug-therapy started showing positive signals.  First of all the stomach and bowels set in motion and started cleaning the accumulated waste.  There after the boy started drinking milk and taking food suppliments and gradually day after day, his general health began improving.

It is quite unbelievable and surprising that a no. of Senior specialist consulting physicians to whom the baby-boy was got examined and treated have utterly failed to get the baby cured, whereas administration of “SAVLIV DRUG” therapy of Harshul Ayur Pharma, Ramnagar Nainital, owned by Sri Vimal Kumar has given an amazing and miraculous  result within a shortest period.

Today, my this baby-boy is teenager of 12 years, now having round health, due to this wonderful drug therapy.

Accordingly I myself and my family owe our sincere thanks and gratitude to this angelic persona.

Chandrashekhar Papne.


Near Great Mission School,


(Distt. Nainital)


A Story of a Six months old baby girl, who was suffering from “Cirrhosis of Liver”.

This is one of my client’s story, which is very close to my heart and hence I would like to share it with you all.

The story is about a six month’s tiny baby girl, who was suffering from “Cirrhosis of Liver” disease due to hyper billirudinia.
Her family came to know about the disease only after getting the liver biopsy test conducted & detection that she was suffering severely from cirrhosis of liver after another six months.
As it’s for anyone it was shocking news for the family. Her father immediately started making enquiries and contacting with each and every renowned doctors of all the prestigious medicalcollages and hospitals of Delhi. It was very distressing for her father that he was not getting any satisfactory and positive response from any physician doctors for her daughter’s well being.
Finally after a long research and clicking on internet portal for any medical clue came to know about Harshul Ayur Parma’s herbomineral formulation drug “SAVLIV DROPS”.
The girl’s father immediately rung me up and briefed about baby girl’s ailing condition. The every word of conversation with her father, Mr. Amrendra Anand is still echoing in my ear.
Completely assured and trusting, he placed order for our herbomineral drug “SAVLIV DROPS” and after a few days of dispensation of the drug therapy, positive results getting visible and the baby girl felt immense relief in her itching problem gradually her billirubin level started coming down. By the time she also started walking and above all her health started showing sign of improvement constantly. Now she is two and half years “SAVLIV BABY”.
We are really thankful to the almighty’s profuse blessings and good wishes of all of you for your faith and trust, which provide an extra encouragement and zeal to continue, further our innovative research programs.
Such stories give an extra zeal, an encouragement and a spirit of inspiration to our venture.
Further, we urge and request to all of you, please share and send us your feedback about “SAVLIV DROPS”.

Vimal Kumar. Director. HARSHUL AYUR PHARMA. RAMNAGAR-244715 Cont-+919837057416.

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One of a heart touching story of a son who’s words still echoing in my mind.

Dear Readers,

I am really thankful that you like my recent article where I shared
“A Story of a Six months old baby girl, who was suffering from “Cirrhosis of Liver”. Your appreciation and god remarks have given me strength to share another story with all of you.This story is about a mother who was suffering from liver disorder since 2003. She was admitted in a major hospital in June 2007. Where she was diagnosed “Liver Cirrhosis”.The most unfortunate thing in the whole story is that doctor told them that there was no medicine available in this world for “Liver Cirrhosis treatment and given discharge from the hospital and told his son that his mother will not remain with her for no longer time. This was the most troublesome words for his son Mr. Satish Khadap.In the mean while his son consulted with many other doctors but did not get positive assurance. Finally he started searching over the internet after long research and clicking on the internet portal for any medical clue came to know about Harshul Ayur Pharma’s Herbomineral Formulation drug “SAVLIV DROPS”.

Then he contacted me on phone, and told me about her mother’s condition. When he was sharing the details of her mother I clearly felt the concern for her mother in his son’s voice.

After the discussion, he place the order as her mother was serious; I send him 3 bottles of Savliv Drops. And the best part was “Savliv Drops” showed his positive results on his mother within 8 days and her mother started taking food and after 45 days she started walking with support.

In 2012 she got relief and started taking proper diet and not having any problem related to liver.

Her son’s word still echoing in my mind that “Vimal Sir I spend 7 more year with my mother due to SAVLIV DROPS”. These wonderful words and success stories inspire me to continue my research work on “Savliv Drops”.

I am thankful to the almighty that he made me capable to help the society to some extent.

If you have experienced something with “Savliv Drosps” I would be glad to read that.

Vimal Kumar.